♥...agnes...♥ (unchartedwaters) wrote in pondroad,

Lovely weather we're having isn't it?

Why is the building shaking??
I'm hoping it's due to the snow but it seems like my windows especially are about to implode.
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how did you like the creepy 'lights shut off in a hospital ward' scene that was set shortly after that :P

I was standing in the hallway, talking to a friend, and the lights started flickering. Then it went to pitch black for maybe 5-6 seconds. The lights came back on, but as the lights come back on, the elevator starts making noises like a cord came loose, and it was going to drop. It didn't, but it certainly sounded like it. And when the rattling happened for aprolonged amount, it seemed almost like the elevator was stuck, and someone was trying to get it to work again. Eventually it started working, but Pond could make for a really creepy film shoot - paint the walls a different colour (especially the tower), and give it a decrepit style, and we have our very own creepy ward. lol
Yeah, my desk lamp is the creepiest of all as it makes that noise when you turn it on or off. On top of that my laptop goes onto battery power so the screen dims a bit. All in all, it's rather creepy like you said.

Pond Ward. I like it.
I was making tuna and pasta at about midnight and there I was, stood in my kitchen, huge sharp knife in hand, and the lights start flickering uncontrollably!!

If i'd been someone else wandering by and looking into 408 i'd have freaked out badly.

Oh, but earlier, my suitemate who always keeps her window open came back from class to find a MASSIVE snowbank... covering half her room!! Lmao! Had to laugh.